Chances are that when the studio finishes your video, they will send it to you with a weird name like “Final Video” or “Final Draft” or something similar. Let’s take the example of a video we did for one of our clients – SpotGyde. Their app helps people who travel to discover cities and places through the eyes of locals (the Gydes). You will learn more about a city from a local than a Map. The Gyde can show you some hidden secrets that only a local knows.So this is how we have sent the video, for preview purposes and if they loved it they could download and upload it on YouTube or anywhere else.


1. The very first thing you should do with your video is to rename it by adding your Business name and your primary keywords. They renamed it to: SpotGyde – Thousands of people, thousands of places


2. But this is not enough. If you Right Click on the video and go to PropertiesDetails you see the Description tab. Go ahead and complete these fields:Title: SpotGyde – Thousands of people, thousands of placesSubtitle: Mobile and Desktop App that helps travellers to connect with Locals to be the guide in their citiesTags: mobile app; spotgyde; local; travel; tourists; thousands of people; thousands of places;Comments: here you can write something more detailed about your business. It’s up to you.3. Next go to Origin tab and complete it:Promotion URL: URL: Created: add the date when your video was createdContent Provider: SpotGyde – Thousands of people, thousands of placesPublisher: SpotGyde – Thousands of people, thousands of places



Now your video is ready to be uploaded to YouTube and other websites.