This is what we call Amazing Video Content!I have discovered this Youtube channel last night and I already have the urge to spread the word to everyone! This guy calls himself “Fight Mediocrity” and he basically reads books about self-development and tries to explain them in a simplistic way: through whiteboard animation. I am amazed how many subscribers and views he has – this is marketing well done through very informative content that really HELPS other people.

We love this way of marketing that's why you should have a look and consider doing something similar for your business: think how you can help your audience/clients by giving free valuable information. Make short videos and post them on YouTube and other Social Media platforms. In the end everyone will win!

Generally speaking, an animated video is still an impersonal way of showing to the people who you or your business really are. And it's a known fact that people resonate with people, and very rarely with objects/things.You have to add personality to your company by showing your human side more often. If you're willing to go on a lung run, besides the animated videos that you will constantly put there on YouTube you must show to your subscribers that you are also a human. Amazingly, after reading some of the comments from this video I noticed the people subscribed because they liked this guy's personality - they feel him so 'real'.

What we've learned from this guy? Make things better or different (but still better). Find your topic and think at a creative way of doing what you love. This guy loves to read self improvement books and he wanted to be a Motivational Speaker but he was young, without experience. These factors led to the decision of doing something different - so he started explaining the books he read through simple animations. We say that this is the best decision he could make!