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Back in 2008, when I was a fresh-faced 17-year-old, I discovered my love for video editing and animation. Until 2019 I’ve exclusively worked as a freelancer, doing more than over
animated videos for just
a handful of clients.


Work with me once, and you’ll want to work with me again.
I am gooey. I act as your entire video department. I align to your goals. Fixed prices, unlimited reviews.


My parents raised me to be fair and square.
I value trust and reliability, bringing a human touch to the business.
Trust is my utmost priority.

During this period, I mastered crafting impactful messages and developing concepts, bringing text to life visually. I've successfully completed over 250 video projects, overseeing the entire production process from concepts and storyboards to artwork, animation, music, and sound design.

ODE FOR THE first 10 years

One interesting client I met as a freelancer was Ryan Sheffer from
Mile 80. We have collaborated on a few projects, and our
shared vision led us to the exciting decision of partnering up
to create something greater than ourselves.
I never knew I was capable to...
chapter 2
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