chapter 2


This is the place where I make mistakes, learn, and flourish.
This is my playground.

The key to working with people is to read between the lines. A client can be more than just a client; they can hold hidden opportunities.

Layers of potential.

I met Ryan Sheffer in 2018 and we worked together on a few projects. Six months later, he asked me to join Mile 80 as his animator. Back then, it was just the two of us, fueled by his grand vision of conquering the video world.
I admired his thinking, dedication, energy, courage, and willingness
to take risks. To me, that's GOD.

GOD means trust.
GOD means loyalty.
GOD means kindness.
GOD means GOOD.

Since 2019, our small creative studio has expanded globally, with full-time artists from USA, Romania, Brazil, Venezuela, Serbia, and Argentina.

firsto 10 year

At our peak, we formed a dynamic team of 15 full-time hired talented artists, working with some of the world's top companies.

eight mile

Similar to my approach as a freelancer, our studio was able to get sustained work from just

a handful of clients

Once you experience our work, you won't seek another studio. That's my motto, and I found the same philosophy in Ryan.

2019-2023 was a busy period for us

As a studio:
returning clients
growth each year
I helped with:
managed projects
hired artists
animated projects
video play pictureeight mile picture

Beyond the numbers, what truly matters is that Mile 80 has become a successful mechanism that enriches and nurtures the lives of many. Including mine.

At Mile 80, I witnessed significant life moments such as weddings and the arrival of newborns. I saw people grow professionally beyond their limitations.

I didn't know I was able to work within a team. I didn't know I was able to manage so many projects and people.

Now I know...

Thanks to Mile 80.

What's next?

Chapter 3
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