personal vs commercial reel

I have to admit something...

I never understood the need of a reel... at least not until I entered the professional world in 2019. I used to believe that sharing full videos was more effective for convincing clients and closing deals.

I still think this is partially true. Through the nature of my job at Mile 80, I've debugged many 'strong' reels by digging deep into the artist's portfolio to find out that the reels were misleading.

And here's the trick... if you sped up 2-3x any video will look dope 🤫 The goal of a reel is to catch attention, and for that purpose, yes, you need a reel. After 14 years in my career, I can now say I am working on a reel, and it will become the main video on the homepage.

With this introduction, I want to touch on today's topic...  

the importance of having two reels

I came to this conclusion after reviewing hundreds of portfolios for Mile 80 and after 15 years of doing almost exclusively client work.

Fact: most of the time, our most creative work is being dismissed by clients.

There is a lot of value and personality in the 'trashed' work that made me realize we need a personal reel too - one where we can showcase our uncensored creativity and personality through art.

Most of the time, this personality is illustrated in V1 of every video. The first version should always be the one where you take the video in the direction you like. Break the barriers and don't care as much about the client's feedback. They will comment and criticize your art anyway.

V1 is for yourself.

V2 is for your client.

I think it's more important to show who you are as an artist through a personal reel. For Mile 80 most of the time I don't hire the best portfolios; I hire potential, personalities and unique portfolios. It’s almost impossible to understand the vision or true talent of an artist through a commercial reel.

Your personal reel is where you let your artistic soul roam free, unchained by conventions. It's a canvas for your unique style, your unfiltered perspective, and your pure talent. Here, you don't hold back. The personal reel should capture the true essence of who you are as an artist, and that's gold. 🥇

The commercial reel is where you showcase your ability to handle client expectations, adaptability, and professionalism, demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of the industry. In this context, your job is to deliver despite personal tastes or beliefs.

In conclusion, securing jobs becomes easier when you showcase both aspects of your personality. Take a moment to reflect on this and analyze how you present yourself.

Is your reel a true representation of you? If not, it might be time to create a new one! And as you work on that, I'd love the opportunity to see it.